The Venue @ Cowley

Conditions of Hire form

The hirer agrees to the following terms and conditions:


1. The hirer agrees to pay the room hire rate in force at the date of this agreement. Payment is due in advance and must be received no less than 24 hours prior to the period of hire agreed. Proof of address may be required.

2. If a refundable deposit is required, the hirer will be informed at the time of booking confirmation, and will be required to pay this prior to the period of hire agreed.


3. The hirer agrees to leave the premises (which includes the room/s hired, the toilets, and common areas) clean and free of litter and refuse. GreenSquare reserves the right to charge if any extra cleaning is required.

4. Any loss or damage to fixtures, fittings, or property must be reported to GreenSquare staff as soon as reasonably possible. The hirer agrees to compensate GreenSquare in respect of any such loss or damage.

5. If a refundable deposit has been paid, GreenSquare commits to informing the hirer within five working days of any charges that will be deducted from this deposit, which may include, but is not restricted to, cost of damage, cleaning costs, or loss of equipment.

6. Hirers are not permitted to stick anything on the walls. Use of materials such as paint, glitter, glue etc should only be used with prior agreement, and with adequate protection for the fabric and fixtures in the centre. Smoke/Dry Ice machines are not permitted.

7. The hirer is responsible for the layout of furniture and equipment in the premises.

8. Smoking is not permitted in the Venue@Cowley, or outside at the back of the building. Smoking is allowed outside at the front, away from the entrance doors.

Opening times

9. GreenSquare will allow bookings between the hours of 9am and 10.30pm. For a booking that finishes at 10.30pm, a maximum of 30 minutes (until 11pm) is allowed for users to clear up and leave.

10. At other times, hirers will be expected to allow enough time within their booking for setting up and clearing up.

11. On a day-to-day basis, The Venue caretaker and bookings officer will ensure that groups comply with these requirements


The Venue is located in a residential area and is very close to neighbours. GreenSquare is firmly committed to maintaining good relations with neighbours.

12. Hirers agree to be considerate of the residents of Barns Court and in the neighbourhood of The Venue@Cowley and avoid making excessive noise. The external doors and windows must remain closed at all times.

13. The hirers must not allow noise or disturbance outside the building, both during and after a booking, this includes slamming car doors, shouting goodbye, etc.

14. The hirer must not exceed the hours of public entertainment which, for the purposes of this agreement, are 9am-10.30pm.

15. Noise emanating from the community rooms shall not exceed 40dB(A) as measured at 1 metre from any external facade of any habitable dwelling.

16. The hirers must not play or use at the premises any instrument or apparatus or equipment or in any other way make a noise that contravenes local authority regulations. Noise complaints will result in action, which includes the likelihood that the activity and the booking will be curtailed with immediate effect.

Health and Safety

17. The hirer agrees to be bound by GreenSquare’s Health and Safety Policy for The Venue. A copy of this policy is displayed on the main notice board and is also available from the office on request. Bookings that conflict with the policy will not be accepted.

18. GreenSquare aims to provide a safe and healthy environment for hire. If users identify any health and safety issues they must notify GreenSquare as soon as reasonably possible.

19. The hirer is solely responsible for the well-being and safety of users and occupiers of the premises hired out under the terms of this agreement.

20. The hirer must ensure that all guests are aware of the terms and conditions relating to the use of The Venue@Cowley.

21. The hirer undertakes to make certain that no more than the following will be in each room:

  Max number of people standing
Main hall 60
Room 1 36
Room 2 21
Room 3 30
Room 4 6
Whole Centre 106


22. No consumption of alcohol is allowed in The Venue without prior permission from GreenSquare. GreenSquare may insist on the hirer employing professional security staff for functions where alcohol is consumed. The Venue@Cowley is not licenced for the sale of alcohol. A temporary licence is required.

23. Hirers must ensure that electrical equipment is PAT tested prior to use.

24. All organisation bookings including charities, associations, and community groups are required to have valid public liability insurance. GreenSquare reserves the right to request certificates of insurance.

25. If the hirer is found to be in breach of the terms of these conditions, GreenSquare reserves the right to terminate the use of the room hired forthwith.


26. Where the Hirer wishes to use the Premises for a purpose that involves a regulated activity as described by the Safeguarding of Vulnerable Groups Act 2006, GreenSquare will require the Hirer to provide evidence that the necessary DBS or any other appropriate checks have been carried out on all persons. GreenSquare reserves that right to review child protection policies and procedures and to impose any additional requirement they consider appropriate in connection with the hiring. If, for any reason, GreenSquare is not satisfied, they reserve the right to cancel any hiring and there shall be no liability to the Hirer other than to refund any of the total amount due (including any deposit paid).

Equality and Diversity

27. GreenSquare, the organisation which runs The Venue@Cowley, will not discriminate against any organisation or individual. Equalities legislation says that discrimination is illegal on any of the following grounds: race, sex, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, disability, religion or belief, pregnancy, marriage or civil partnership, and age. Bookings that conflict with this policy will not be accepted.


28. The hirer has the right to cancel this agreement by giving at least 10 days notice to GreenSquare and will receive a full refund of any monies paid.

29. In the event that GreenSquare is unable to provide the room booked under this agreement, we reserve the right to offer an alternative booking, or cancel and refund any money paid. The hirer acknowledges that GreenSquare will not be responsible for any losses, financial or otherwise.


30. By ticking to agree, the contact name, stated on the booking request form, is the person responsible for the indemnity provided above, both in his/her personal capacity and on behalf of the organisation he/she represents.