The Venue @ Cowley

How do I make a booking?
Step 1: View the rooms available and check availability
Step 2: Submit an online booking request form (click here)
Step 3: Receive phone call from our team to finalise the booking and take/arrange payment.

I am not sure which room to book, can you help me?
Refer to the rooms for hire page for descriptions and photos, which includes recommended capacity and charge out rates.

I need to cancel/modify my booking, what should I do?
Please email and cancel as soon as possible. If the booking is cancelled less then 10 days prior to the function, a 20% cancellation fee will be applied to your account.

Can I look at the rooms before I book?
Yes. Please make a note of this in the comments section of you online booking request form.

How do I pay the room hire fee?
Once your booking request has been received, we will phone you within 2 working days to confirm the booking and arrange for payment. We are able to take debit/credit card payment over the phone, or cash payment made at a local pay point site (visit to search for local PayPoint sites). If you are a registered charity or business and would like to receive an invoice for payment, please state on the booking form and complete a new payment form (click here to download).

When will the payment be taken from my account?
Payment will be activated within 7 days receipt of the payment form. A tax receipt will then be sent to you for your records.

Will I need to allow time to set up the room?
Yes. It is the responsibility of the user to incorporate sufficient time in their booking request to set up the room in its desired configuration. It is also the responsibility of the user to set down the room and return all tables and chairs to their original location.

Who is responsible for ensuring that the room is left in a satisfactory condition for the next user?
The hirer is responsible for ensuring there is no rubbish left in the room and that the chairs and tables are back in their original configuration. Failure to leave the room in a satisfactory state will result in a cleaning fee.

Do you organise/provide catering?
No. You may use any caterer of your choice. For catering purposes there is a small kitchen with a fridge, cooker, and hot water. These areas MUST be booked if you wish to use them

Can I consume food and drink in the rooms?
Yes, food and drink can be consumed in any of the rooms on the strict instruction that all rubbish and mess relating to this is cleared away and cleaned. Failure to leave the room in a satisfactory condition will result in an invoice for cleaning/damages as per the terms and conditions of hire.

The room I like does not have enough chairs, can I add more?
Each room has been set up to cater comfortably for a maximum amount of delegates. If you require more chairs, it is suggested that you book a larger room to better suit your needs.

Is there parking on site?
There is no parking available on site. The Venue@Cowley is well located for access via public transport with a bus stop directly outside. Please click here for transport information and directions. There is a multi-storey car park opposite that can be used.

Do you have any AV support?
No, any arrangements for AV will need to be made independently by the hirer.

Does each room have Internet access?
Yes, Internet access is available in all rooms.

I am not sure which fee category I fall into, can you advise me?